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RMC provides end to end physical infrastructural accessibility solutions in public and private sectors including workplaces, corporates, residential societies, educational institutions, luxury and budget hotels, cinema halls, eateries, government buildings, airports, railway stations and similar places of public usage.

We conduct accessibility audits and provide design solutions according to the Harmonised Guidelines and Space Standards for Barrier-Free Built Environment 2022 as well as according to the provisions contained within India’s National Building Code and other relevant guidelines.

The Codes / Standards are:

  1. Harmonised Guidelines and Space Standards for Barrier-Free Built Environment for Persons with Disabilities and Elderly Persons
  2. Part 3, Annexure B, National Building Code 2016 (India)

Apart from a detailed Access Audit and retrofitting solutions of any building, RMC also provides the following service for planning & design of universal accessibility standards in blueprint stage.

Design Appraisal

We undertake design appraisals at the planning / blueprint stage to ensure that sites to be constructed are physically accessible. Our team of architects and civil engineers studies the proposed design of a building and assesses the potential usability/accessibility of the finished building. Our appraisal report makes recommendations to ensure that inclusive design is achieved throughout the planning, design and construction process.

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RMC team visits the site and based on the site condition we suggest the best suitable ramp solutions. To book a site inspection contact us.

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